He's a Fighter

Antoine "Action" Douglas was born to a drug addicted mother in Southeast D.C. He has lived with various friends, relatives and foster families. His life changed drastically upon his introduction to boxing - graduating top of his class in high school and going on to the Olympic Trials. This story predicts his inevitable rise to boxing stardom.


Appalachian Waiting Room

50 million Americans do not have health insurance. In other words, 1 in 6 Americans are unable to pay for medical treatment. RAM (Remote Area Medical) comes to Wise, Virginia once per year to provide free health care to around 3,000 uninsured Americans.


The Journey of transgender Latina Women in the U.S.

This multimedia project presents an intimate portrait of transgender Latinas living in the United States.

Of transgender Latina immigrants who arrive to the U.S., 84% are fleeing violence related to their gender identity, according to the organization Translatina Coalition.

Many originate from Central America, a region that is already experiencing extreme instability and violence. But for transgender women, their gender identity heightens their vulnerability.

In addition to the increased risk of assault and abuse, exposure to HIV infection, family rejection and consequences of negative stigmatization, the traumas these women face are compounded by the legal challenges of immigration and obstacles to accessing medical and social services. This has relegated their struggles to the shadows.

Now through this project, multiple transgender women openly recall how they confronted, defied, and survived these challenges on their journey to the States as they transition to live as the women they have always been.