Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez, 23 years-old, is originally from Dolores, a small town near San Miguel de Allende where his family still lives.

Ramon’s interest in dance began twelve years ago when he saw a music video on TV (Chuntaro Style) featuring breakdancing. While learning breakdance, he also started practicing Jeet kune do, a discipline created by his idol, Bruce Lee.

In less than two years he has learned more than twenty styles of dance. He moved to San Miguel de Allende where he met Tara, an American dance instructor who recognized Ramon’s special talent. An American by birth, Tara has fifteen years of experience in professional dance.

Ramon described when he meet Tara for the first time: “I just wanted to dance with her. She moved with such passion.” They began dancing together one week after they met, and they haven’t stopped since then. The first time I saw Ramon and Tara dancing together, I thought, “It must be impossible to dance like that and not have feelings for each other.”

They fly over the dance floor. Their movements are completely in sync. It appears as though they have been dancing together for a lifetime. Every morning at 7 Ramon practices martial arts with Tara. Then he teaches breakdance classes to various students.

At noon he starts teaching traditional dance classes, while practicing with his partner. After a long day he meets his friends in the plaza’s gazebo to breakdance.

Today, Ramon and Tara live in San Miguel de Allende and work for a widely recognized dance instruction company. They are working hard to someday fulfill their dream of traveling to the United States to compete and improve their skills. It will be challenging as Ramon still supports his parents in Dolores, and Tara has a three year-old daughter to care for.